Rodan And Fields Business Review

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Rodan And Fields Or Rodan + Fields® Business Review

Located in San Francisco California and started in 2002 by two well known  Dermatologist Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

The duo are well known and respected in the field of Dermatology, in fact they created a very popular and successful product named Proactiv you may have seen their infomercials on TV.  What is also noteworthy is that they are the first ones to take a top tear skincare  line from retailing in department stores to the world of Direct Selling in 2008.

The company also started and fund the PFC or Prescription for Change Foundation a non profit organization committed to helping people better their lives especially when they need it most.

Rodan and Fields – The Leadership

A well qualified staff, as an example, Amnon Rodan the current Chaiman is a well seasoned  and much sought after business development expert.  Lori Bush who is the current President has been with some of top name companies  like Johnson and Johnson and come with a boat load of experience.  The management staff all come from very successful backgrounds, including the head of their R&D Timothy Falla, PhD formerly head of the scientific department at  Helix BioMedix. In the interest of brevity I have not named all parties involve in the leadership but they are very well respected and credible members.

The timing for Rodan And Fields and their distributors couldn’t be better

There is no doubt that beauty is the legs and lipstick of business every where , if you doubt that , consult the covers of any magazine today.  Ppeople want to look and feel good , don’t you? Great for  Rodan And Fields that they have entered this arena at the right time. It’s also great timing for anyone wanting to start an home based business of their own distributing skin care products. You can not only make money, but make a difference in other peoples lives.

How about the products that Rodan and Fields offer?

Well,  the products are of the highest quality  and cover  distinct areas of skin care as of this post. That would  include  but not limited to anti-aging,  reversing damages due to excess exposure from sunlight, acne treatment, post-acne marks,  wrinkle reduction and other skin enhancements.

Rodan and Fields – How do Consultants get Paid ?

They offer several ways to compensate their  independent business owners through retail profits , team building  through various levels in depth up to 5 levels, as well as performance and fast start bonuses.

The company is growing , which means as a direct selling company this has a lot to do with the representatives in the field. Of course the products have to provide value to the consumer as well.  If you can learn to market yourself and create a reputation of a knowledgeable and skilled marketer with integrity, who can lead others to achieve their dreams and goals, then victory will be yours.

Rodan and Fields and it pertains to marketing and sales

There are of course traditional methods of presenting the opportunity to friends and family and people and other people you know. That is perfectly fine if you are only looking to make a few hundred dollars per month, but if you are seriously looking to make a full time income , you will have to look beyond the traditional ways.

Most people get into the Direct Selling or Network Marketing business without fully understanding they are in a Marketing and Sales business and  never learn either before they quit.  It’s a very exciting concept of making money with your friends and family at first sight, but the reality of it all is not all your friends and family want to be in business for themselves. From a   traditional business sense, if  you opened up a restaurant or any other traditional business, would it survive or thrive on just your friends and family alone? I think you would agree with me that it would not, neither will this business.

Looks like Rodan And Fields are a solid company with real  growth potential, in fact they were awarded the Rising Star Award from the Direct Selling Association in 2010.

So To learn  how you can position yourself as a leader in this industry and generate an obscene amount of leads for your business , check out the number one recommend system that many top income earners  use to create their own personal brand and generate the kind of  targeted quality leads you will need to build a business  like Rodan and Fields business opportunity.

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